My inspiration comes from Nature. Through colors, shapes and light,  I strive to capture the beauty that surrounds us. I grew up in Puebla, Mexico where landscapes and mountains were part of my childhood. In my paintings I carry the happiness and nostalgic feelings of home and my love for my ongoing travels. My love for art started at a young age from watching my mom draw and design new architecture plans. I can close my eyes and remember how the paper felt and the beauty on those perfect lines. In college, I took several art classes and have currently been taking part of art workshops in the area.

I came to the United States to play tennis for Division I College. My dad taught me tennis at a young age and the sport has been part of my life since then. Playing tennis provided me with skills that I have since used throughout my life. It has taught me strategy, understanding difficult situations and unpacking problems. These skills are likely what let me to study Accounting in College. I deeply enjoy being an accountant and consider myself fortunate to work for great organizations and be able to meet and work with great colleagues around the world. 

My paintings follow the impressionist model of visual impression and loose brushwork. For me, painting is a sense of play and freedom, transmitting the experience from the eye to the heart to the brush.